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Trusted dentists who keep your smile looking its best. Our dentists in Manly Village have been caring for residents of Manly, Wynnum, Lota, Thorneside, Birkdale,Hemmant,Tingalpa and surrounds for almost two decades. Whether it is a simple filling, a dental check-up right through to dentures, veneers or advanced procedures we have experienced dentists in Wynnum Manly with the dental knowledge to assist you.

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Time For A Visit To The Dentist?

When was the last time you had a dentist check your teeth and give them a thorough clean and polish?

An appointment with one of our dentists can keep your teeth healthy and assist you to avoid the hassle and expense of fixing future issues.

Late night and Saturday appointments now available for your convenience

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Pain Free Dentistry

Dr Greg Mahoney is one of Queensland’s most experienced dentists in the field of pain-free dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry. Using the technique of conscious sedation we can assist dental patients who are uncomfortable with traditional dental treatments to get their teeth the treatment that is needed to help maintain your natural tooth structure for life.

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Dental Services

We accept patients for dentistry services under the following dental care programs including:

  • Medicare Teen Dental
  • Veterans Affairs Dental Treatments

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Sore Tooth Or Gums?

Do you have sore teeth or gums? Our experienced dentists will give your teeth a comprehensive examination and determine the best way to return your teeth to optimum health.

Click on the link below and we will arrange a convenient appointment for you with one of our dentists.

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The Manly Village Dental team is led by long-term Manly dentist, Greg Mahoney, and dental surgeon, Tony Abussi. Manly Village Dental are established dentists serving Manly, Wynnum, Lota, Thorneside, Birkdale,Hemmant,Tingalpa and surrounds and can assist with a wide range of dental treatments. Call our dental practice on 07 3893 1272.

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